The Main Difference Between An Outstanding Business Suit As Well As A Awful One

Published: 05th April 2011
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Everybody knows that a man looks great in a good business suit. Most folks adore the thought of purchasing some nice office suits to wear to work. Unfortunately, many people do not know the difference between a good business suit and a bad one.

Knowing the difference between an appropriate business suit and one that simply does not go well in a business setting can mean a big difference in income. There is a simple explanation for this; people in excellent suits get picked out easier. Poor dressers also get noticed, but for all the wrong reasons.

I wrote this post to talk about the differences between splendid looking business suits and ones that are not so splendid. I'll even suggest a site that you can visit to get hundreds of pages worth of free information on dressing for total domination in the business world.

The first issues one needs to consider is what color suit to get. You'll find that most offices have different rules on what colors you can wear to work. I've worked in places that only allow employees to wear dark colors of gray and blue and others that have let me wear most standard colors. You need to figure out what kind of office you are in before you go and wear colors other than blue or gray. Many people frown upon brown suits as well as black suits. I feel that brown is acceptable to wear on more casual occasions, but certainly not to high powered meetings or sales calls. Black is also an acceptable color, but die hard suit fans will tell you this color is only meant for funerals.

After you have figured out which colors you can wear to work, be certain to pick the correct style. Never buy a double breasted suit and don't go above three buttons or below two buttons on the suit jacket. Although you can decide for yourself whether or not to wear an American style suit or British style suit, British ones tend to come off more formal.

Choosing the proper accessories to wear with each of your business suits should be your next priority. Burgundy or black shoes are the only acceptable ones, and each should go with a belt of the same color. The shirt color you choose can depend on how formal your office is, but you can never go wrong with a white shirt.

You cannot make a mistake sticking to the basic business suit rules. When you need more tips on this topic visit the guide to men's suits.

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